Blue Lake 2022
Name Air Date
Festival Orchestra w Salvador Brotons 08-13-2022
Staff Band w Brotons and Ross 08-12-2022
Salvador Brotons talks about conducting at Blue Lake 08-10-2022
Festival Band and Falcone Soloist 08-07-2022
Festival Orch w Walter Verdehr 07-30-2022
Rodney Dorsey discusses the July 29 Staff Band concert 07-29-2022
Staff Band w Rodney Dorsey 07-29-2022
Staff Recital 07-28-2022
Walter Verdehr discusses Saturday's Festival Orchestra concert 07-28-2022
Festival Band w Rodney Dorsey 07-24-2022
Katie Thigpen discusses the Festival Band Concert 07-22-2022
Theater Dept with The Importance of Being Earnest 07-22-2022
Festival Orchestra w Raphael Jimenez 07-16-2022
Staff Band w Rick Fleming 07-15-2022
Staff Choir and Vocal Ensemble 07-14-2022
Alex Jimenez discusses the season 07-12-2022
Festival Band w Rick Fleming 07-10-2022
Session 1 Highlights 07-09-2022
Festival Orchestra w Aaron King Vaughan 07-02-2022
Session 1 Staff Band w Trae Blanco 07-01-2022
Aaron King Vaughan talks about the Festival Orchestra 06-30-2022
Festival Band w Mary K Schneider 06-26-2022
Mary K Schneider talks about Festival Band 06-24-2022
Name Air Date
Gabriela Martinez previews the West MI Symph Concert of Nov4 221103
members of the Galvin Quartet talk about their concert in Hart 10-28-2022
Tim McCallister discusses GRS concert of Oct 21 and 22 10-17-2022
Scott Speck discusses the WMS John Williams concert 09-30-2022
Pedrito Martinez on his concert at SCMC in GR 09-27-2022
Ale Miller discusses his new work with GR Symphony 09-15-2022
Katherine Mayberry discusses King Lear at Blue Lake 08-25-2022
Playhouse at While Lake presents Escanaba In Love 08-24-2022
Foley Speaks with Scott Wright and Kat Hermes about the Pigeon Creek Shakespeare Company's production of King Lear 08-17-2022
Foley speaks with violinist and conductor Joshua Bell 08-09-2022
Foley speaks with Bob Swan about the 2022 White Lake Chamber Music Festival 07-26-2022
Arturo Ziraldo and Scott Speck discuss WMS Fantastic Finale 06-23-2022
Lakeshore Art Festival 06-21-2022
Beth Beaman discusses the summer season for the Playhouse at White Lake 06-15-2022
Scott Speck discusses West MI Symphony Around the World 06-10-2022
Kat and Sarah from Pigeon Creek talk about Winter's Tale 05-30-2022
Jessica Rivera discusses Resurrection Symphony with the GRS 05-18-2022
Sujari Britt talks about her WMS concert 05-12-2022
Katherine Mayberry discusses the Pigeon Creek performance of A Winter's Tale at Blue Lake June 4 05-10-2022
Bonnie welcomes our new Diector of Broadcasting Klay Woodworth 05-06-2022
Ken David Masur talks about Bach Mass 04-21-2022
James Meena discusses Opera Grand Rapids Turandot 04-20-2022
Larry J Bell speaks with Lazaro 04-20-2022
James Sofranko of GR Ballet discusses Midsummer Nights Dream 04-19-2022
Lara Downes appears in the Bach Festival 2022 04-19-2022
Lazaro speaks to Pierre vander Westhuizen about The Gilmore 04-19-2022
Lara Downes and the Bach Festival 04-18-2022
Delfeayo Marsalis speaks with Lazaro Vega 03-29-2022
Composer Dan Forest talks about Calvin Choir concert 03-18-2022
A visit to Butterflies Are Blooming 03-17-2022
Kirill Gerstein talks about Beethoven Piano Concertos 03-10-2022
Lazaro speaks to Dee Dee Bridgewater 02-28-2022
OperaGR presents Stinney 02-23-2022
Christian McBride talks to Lazaro Vega about Winterfest 02-14-2022
Marcelo Lehninger discusses GRS New World Symphony concert 02-02-2022
Bax&Chung in the studio for WMS Carnival of Pianos 01-27-2022
Foley speaks with violist Paul Neubauer of the Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center 01-23-2022
Joshua Redman speaks with Lazaro Vega 01-10-2022
NY Phil Clarinetist Anthony McGill 01-08-2022
Teresa Cheung conducts WMS Home for the Holidays 12-08-2021
GR Ballet present The Nutcracker 11-26-2021
Meijer Gardens Holiday Traditions 11-20-2021
Foley speaks with Wu Han, Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center, From Prague to Vienna 11-12-2021
Scott Speck and Randall Goosby discuss Beethoven and Blue Jeans 11-04-2021
Laura Jackson talks about GRS Russian Celebration 10-28-2021
Leslie van Becker of GRS discusses Joy of Mozart concert 10-15-2021s
Emilee Syrewich of Opera GR promotes Opera Week 10-14-2021
Dale Schriemer of GVSU talks about Side by Side by Sondheim 10-06-2021
Erin Sharpe of MCT talks about Youth Theater Classes 10-04-2021
Adrian Anantawan discusses his concert with GRS 09-30-2021
Katherine Mayberry talks about the PC Shakespeare production of Twelfth Night 07-29-2021
Beth Beaman of the White Lake Playhouse 07-16-2021
Marcelo Lehninger talks about the GRS Holland Concert of July 14 07-07-2021
Scott Speck discusses Mendelssohn, McCartney, Mozart 06-04-2021
Bonnie welcomes Gail Brechting 06-01-2021
Marcelo Lehninger disusses the GRS' Beethoven and Haydn concert 05-13-2021
Austin McWilliams of Opera GR discusses Second Nature 04-29-2021
James Sofranko talks about GR Ballet's Jump Start On Film 04-28-2021
Foley talks poetry with Caitlin Cowan for National Poetry Month 04-25-2021
Scott Speck discusses the WMS concert Portrait of America 04-23-2021
Michael Match talks about the MLAGO Members Recital 04-20-2021
Kirk Hallman discusses the expansion of the Muskegon Museum of Art 04-02-2021
John VanderHaagen of Meijer Gardens talks about Butterflies Are Blooming 03-30-2021
James Sofranko talks about GR Ballet's Collective Force 03-26-2021
Douglas Pew talks about his opera Penny at Opera GR 03-18-2021
Orli Shaham talks about her GR Symphony performance 03-11-2021
Julian Wachner discusses GR Symphony and Soldier's Tale 02-26-2021
Marcelo Leninger talks about upcoming GRS concerts 02-12-2021
Foley speaks with Dr Karen Shawn of Yeshiva University on Holocaust Education and the Events Leading to Kristallnacht 01-25-2021
Lazaro speaks with Jim Gould about Grand Rapids Jazz Scene 01-25-2021
Marcelo Lehinger discusses the GRS Pathwaves concerts for Spring 01-05-2021
John Varineau talks about GRS Holiday Pops 12-04-2020
Ted Malt of WSCC talks about the Living Room Series 12-03-2020
Joshua Bell talks about the GR Symphony concerts Nov 13 and 14 11-13-2020
Opera GR presents Cosi fan Tutte 10-09-2020
Ricki Levine of Holland Museum details Election Reflection 10-02-2020
Scott Speck previews the new West MI Symphony Season 10-01-2020
Marcelo Leninger and the new GRS season 09-24-2020
Katherine Mayberry of Pigeon Creek talks about benefit YouTube event for Blue Lake 09-04-2020
Kirk Hallman of The Muskegon Museum of Art 07-24-2020
John Vanderhagen discusses the return of Meijer Gardens 07-12-2020
Ricki Levine of Holland Museum discusses their reopening 07-10-2020
Mary Tuuk of GR Symphony talks about Festival of the Arts 06-04-2020
Emilee Syrewicze of Opera GR talks about Festival of the Arts 06-03-2020
David Abbot talks about Festival of the Arts 2020 05-29-2020
Bonnie and Marcelo Leninger discuss the GRS Concerts March 5 and 6 03-04-2020
Lazaro speaks with Luciana Souza 02-28-2020
Lazaro speaks with Diego Rivera 02-19-2020
Bonnie speaks with GVSU Music Faculty about the Showcase Concert on Feb 17 02-14-2020
Bonnie talks with Ed Clifford about GRAM concert serires 01-30-2020
Foley welcomes guitarists Vignola and Raniolo into the studio 01-30-2020
Lazaro speaks with Kenny Barron 01-15-2020
Lazaro speaks with Ruslan Sirota 01-15-2020
Lazaro speaks with Emmet Cohen 01-09-2020
John Vanderhagen of Meijer Gardens discusses the Holiday Traditions exhibition 12-20-2019
Foley speaks with pianist Anne Marie McDermott 11-17-2019
West MI Symphony's Beethoven and Blue Jeans Concert 11-07-2019
Foley Schuler speaks with actor Tom Harryman about his one man show on Edgar Allan Poe 10-28-2019
Bonnie visits speaks with Marguerite Curran of the MMA 10-23-2019
Bonnie visits with Marcelo Leninger about the Oct 25 and 26 GRS concerts 10-22-2019
Lazaro speaks with guitarist Joshua Breakstone 10-14-2019
Lazaro speaks with Dave Jellema part 1 10-06-2019
Lazaro speaks with Dave Jellema part 2 10-06-2019
Lazaro speaks with Fred Hersch 09-24-2019
James Carter for Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp 09-14-2019
Foley speaks with Roger Rapoport, Producer and Co Screenwriter of Coming up for Air 09-12-2019
Bonnie talks with Marcelo Leninger about first GRS Classical Concert 09-11-2019
Grand Rapids Symphony Season Preview 09-08-2019
Foley speaks with Actor, Singer Songwriter and Storyteller Ronny Cox 09-06-2019
Bonnie speaks with Mary Tuuk President GRS 08-30-2019
Bonnie talks with Marcelo Leninger about the GR Symphony concert in Petosky 07-17-2019
Bonnie talks with Marcelo Leninger about the GR Symphony concert at Blue Lake July 13 06-19-2019
Foley speaks with pianist Natasha Paremski and WMS Music Director Scott Speck 06-06-2019
Bonnie speaks with Marcelo Leninger about Chopin and Brahms concert 05-14-2019
Foley speaks with guitarist Sharon Isbin and West Michigan Symphony Music Director Scott Speck 05-09-2019
Katherine Mayberry talks about Taming of the Shrew on June 1 05-02-2019
Foley speaks with violinist Cho Liang Lin of the Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center 04-24-2019
Foley speaks with James Sofranko, Artistic Director of the Grand Rapids Ballet Company 04-03-2019
Foley speaks with German Literature Professor, Holocaust Survivor and 'Ritchie Boy,' Guy Stern 03-21-2019
Bonnie talks with Julian Wachner of the GR Bach Fest 03-15-2019
Steve welcomes Scott Speck and guests for the W MI Symphony's Classic Broadway concert 03-14-2019
Foley speaks with pianist Wu Han, Co Artistic Director of the Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center 03-10-2019
Bonnie talks with Tina Brechtvold, historian of the Vienna Boys Choir 03-06-2019
Foley speaks with poet Linda Nemec Foster about book The Lake Michigan Mermaid 03-05-2019
Lazaro speaks to GayeLynn McKinney about McKinFolk in GR 02-14-2019
An audio tour of the Howmet Playhouse renovation 01-20-2019
Bonnie talks with Win Irwin about Opera Unlimited 01-17-2019
Lazaro speaks with Joey DeFrancesco 01-09-2019
Bonnie talks with Dale Nesbary and Kirk Hallman about MMA Sons exhibition 12-19-2018
Steve talks with Mark Webb about CCGR Sounds of Christmas concerts 11-23-2018
Bonnie and Marcelo Leninger discuss GRS concert of Nov 16 and 17 11-16-2018
Foley Schuler speaks with Annette Jurcevic, Music Director of the Shoreline Symphony 11-12-2018
Foley speaks with violist Paul Neubauer 11-11-2018
Foley speaks with author Mitch Albom 11-09-2018
Foley speaks with Gilmore Keyboard Festival Executive Director Pierre Van Der Westhuizen 11-08-2018
Bonnie speaks with Neary and Bosscher about GRCMB concert 10-25-2018
Lazaro speaks with pianist Kenny Barron 10-22-2018
Bonnie talks with Elliot Wuu about his concert at CLCFA in Petosky 10-16-2018
Lazaro speaks with Gail Brechting about West MI Concert Winds 10-16-2018
Steve talks with Kirk Hallman of the MMA about the Julian Labro concert of Oct27 10-16-2018
Lazaro speaks with Julien Labro about The Chanson Experiment in Muskegon and Grand Rapids 10-15-2018
Foley Schuler speaks with Pulitzer Prize winning cartoonist Garry Trudeau 10-12-2018
Bonnie and Marcelo Leninger discuss GRS Great Eras Concert of Oct12 10-10-2018
Lazaro speaks with Monty Alexander 10-08-2018
Bonnie speaks with Marcelo Leninger about GRS Concerts Oct 5 and 6 10-02-2018
2018 Muskegon Area Arts and Humanities Festival 10-01-2018
Bonnie talks with the GVSU Shakespeare Festival 09-24-2018
Bonnie visits with Win Irwin of Opera GR 09-12-2018
Bonnie speaks with Matt Albert of the Great Lakes Ctr for the Arts 08-24-2018
Lazaro speaks with Julius Shultz about The Shoreline Jazz Festival 08-23-2018
Bonnie speaks with Erin Schmitz of the Lakeshore Museum Center 08-22-2018
Foley Schuler speaks with Pigeon Creek Shakespeare about Henry V at The Rose Theater 08-20-2018
Lazaro speaks with Euge Groove about GrandJazzFest 08-05-2018
Foley speaks with Kirk Hallman, Executive Director of the Muskegon Museum of Art 08-03-2018
Steve speaks with Ricky Levine of the Holland Museum 06-22-2018
Lazaro speaks with John Pizzarelli 05-10-2018
Foley speaks with Leon Fleisher (Conversation Only) 05-06-2018
Foley speaks with Leon Fleisher (Full Version with Intro and Music) 05-06-2018
Bonnie talks with Annoesjka Soler of the Lakeshore Museum Center 05-01-2018
Bonnie talks with Marcelo Leninger about the GRS concert of Chopin and Dvorak 04-25-2018
Foley speaks with violinist Ida Kavafian 04-18-2018
Foley speaks with child Holocaust survivor Edith Maniker 04-16-2018
Marcelo Lehninger Carnegie Preview 04-11-2018
Bonnie talks with Guinand and Armstrong about Calvin Chorale Concert 04-05-2018
Lazaro speaks with pianist Burton Greene about April concerts 03-29-2018
Lazaro speaks with jazz vocalist Kurt Ellling 03-15-2018
Bonnie talks with John Varineau about the GRS Concert in Fremont 03-13-2018
Foley speaks with cellist Alexey Stadler, and Andy Buelow of the West Michigan Symphony 03-01-2018
Bonnie talks with pianist Richard Dowling 02-27-2018
Foley speaks with director, screenwriter and film critic, Paul Schrader 02-18-2018
Lazaro speaks with John Proulx 02-14-2018
Foley speaks with Pigeon Creek about The Knight of the Burning Pestle 02-06-2018
Foley speaks with Glen Peterson 01-23-2018
Foley speaks with Wu Han of the Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center 01-17-2018
Bonnie talks with Libor Ondras about the Kent Philharmonic Holiday Concert 12-05-2017
Foley speaks with Andy Buelow of the West MI Symphony 11-30-2017
Steve talks with Al Exoo of Grand River Folk Arts Society 11-18-2017
Foley speaks with composer Floyd Farrmer about their collaboration on the opera Panov's Dream 11-14-2017
Lazaro speaks to Christian McBride 11-10-2017
Bonnie talks with GRS Associate Conductor John Varineau 11-08-2017
Lazaro speaks to Dafnis Prieto 11-08-2017
Steve talks with Garry Clarke about GR Symphony Baroque Concert 10-19-2017
Steve talks with Michael Erickson of GR Ballet 10-17-2017
Bonnie talks with GRS Guest Conductor Rune Bergman 10-06-2017
Foley talks with Wes ODonnell of the USS Silversides Museum 09-21-2017
Bonnie talks with Sarah Chang 09-15-2017
Foley speaks with Katherine Mayberry, of Pigeon Creek Shakespeare Company 08-22-2017
Lazaro speaks with Jeff Lorber SHORELINE JAZZ FESTIVAL PREVIEW 08-15-2017
Isaac Norris GRAND JAZZ FEST PREVIEW 08-09-2017
Foley speaks with Ricki Levine, Managing Director of the Frauenthal Center 06-22-2017
Foley speaks with pianist Olga Kern and West Michigan Symphony Music Director Scott Speck 05-18-2017
Lazaro speaks with Edward Simon about SF Jazz 04-25-2017
Lazaro speaks with Adam Rudolph about Karuna 04-14-2017
Bonnie interviews JoAnne Falletta 03-23-2017
Morten Lauridsen speaks with Bonnie 03-09-2017
Foley speaks with Dan Gustin, Executive Director of the Gilmore International Keyboard Festival 03-05-2017
Marcelo Lehninger previews the new GR Symphony Season 02-15-2017
Lazaro speaks to Dave Douglas 02-14-2017
Lazaro speaks with Lala Hathaway 02-13-2017
Foley speaks with author Mary Karr (conversation only) 02-05-2017
Foley speaks with author Mary Karr (full version with introduction) 02-05-2017
Bonnie talks with GRS Music Director Leninger about Feb Concerts 02-03-2017
Foley speaks with West Michigan Symphony's Scott Speck and Kelly Karamanov 02-02-2017
Foley speaks with West Michigan Symphony Scott Speck, Tim Fain and Randy Woolf 01-12-2017
Bonnie talks with Marcelo Lehninger about GRS Great Eras concert 01-05-2017
West Michigan Symphony's Classical Christmas Concert 12-15-2016
Lazaro speaks with Dave Brubeck 12-06-2016
Bonnie talks with David Lockington 11-17-2016
Bonnie talks with Claire VanBrandeghen of the GR Symphony 11-03-2016
Foley speaks with Ed Clifford of the GR Art Museum 11-02-2016
Lazaro speaks with Wadada Leo Smith 10-19-2016
Bonnie welcomes GRS Music Director Marcelo Lehninger 10-10-2016
Lazaro speaks with Dave Holland on Aziza at Wharton Center 10-10-2016
Foley speaks with author Dennis Lehane 10-02-2016
Lazaro speaks with Randy Brecker 09-23-2016
Foley remembers Jim Harrison 04-03-2016
Lazaro speaks with Ornette Coleman and Howard Shore 03-01-1992
Studio Performances
Name Air Date
GVSU Faculty perform Faure 10-16-2022
The Danny Seabolt Experience 10-01-2022
Michael Clem on A Mich Sat Night 05-21-2022
Stein Smith Shead Out On Blue Lake 04-22-2022
Stein Smith Shead Trio Out on Blue Lake 04-22-2022
Big Fun on Jazz From Blue Lake 04-16-2022
John Shea Trio on Jazz From Blue Lake 03-22-2022
Monster's Impromptu on Jazz From Blue Lake 03-05-2022
Hunzinger, Khoury and Zerang Out On Blue Lake 11-05-2021
Vine Street Alternative on Jazz From Blue Lake 09-30-2021
Michigan Mafia String Band in the Studio 06-04-2021
Jordan VanHemert Quintet on Jazz From Blue Lake 01-23-2021
Benjamin Green Quartet 02-01-2020
Folias in the Studio 10-25-2019
Karuna live on Jazz From Blue Lake 09-30-2019
In the Sea with Tristan Honsinger on Jazz From Blue Lake 05-06-2019
The Chicago Plan on Jazz From Blue Lake 05-03-2019
Steve Talaga live on Jazz From Blue Lake 03-15-2019
Travis Swanson Trio on Jazz From Blue Lake 01-21-2019
The Bridge Out on Blue Lake 11-21-2018
Teiku reframes Jewish melodies 10-11-2018
Lakeshore Rush 06-23-2018
Alexander Harding and Lucian Ban as Somethin' Holy on Jazz From Blue Lake 04-18-2018
Josh Harlow Peter Formank Duo on Jazz From Blue Lake 03-29-2018
Starry Night Octet on Jazz From Blue Lake 02-18-2018
Rob Clearfield solo piano Jazz From Blue Lake 02-01-2018
Blushing Monk on Jazz From Blue Lake 01-03-2018
Peat In the Creel on A MI Saturday Night 12-01-2017
Bonnie welcomes West MI duo Folias into the studio 11-17-2017
Frode Gjerstad Trio with Steve Swell on Jazz From Blue Lake 09-18-2017
F Plus 09-13-2017
Third Coast Gipsy Jazz Trio on Jazz From Blue Lake 06-06-2017
Calabogie Road on A Michigan Saturday Night 05-20-2017
Naked Dance on Jazz From Blue Lake 04-30-2017
Steve Talaga and Dan Giacobassi Suite For Flute and Jazz Piano 04-09-2017
Randy Napoleon Trio at LaFontsee Gallery 03-26-2017
Sam Pilnick Project on Jazz From Blue Lake 02-17-2017
The FAN Club on A MI Satuday Night 02-11-2017
The Smokin' Dobroleles on A MI Saturday Night 01-21-2017
CONFERENCE CALL on Jazz From Blue Lake 11-02-2016
Rob Clearfield Trio on Jazz From Blue Lake 06-25-2016
Talking Ear On Jazz From Blue Lake 05-06-2016
Brad Fritcher's MOODS on Jazz From Blue Lake 02-13-2016
Patrick Brennen solo saxophone on Jazz From Blue Lake 12-16-2015
Diana Vandewater and Mark Kahny on Jazz From Blue Lake 05-19-2014
John Shea and Warren Jones on Jazz From Blue Lake 04-17-2014
Checkers Morton on Jazz From Blue Lake 05-11-2013
Henry Grimes Renaissance Man Tour 09-06-2010
Gebhard Ullmann Clarinet Trio 03-10-2010
Tom Dempsey and Tim Ferguson on Jazz From Blue Lake 11-30-2009
Brad Shepik on Jazz From Blue Lake 10-16-2009
Hot Club of Detroit Live From Blue Lake 05-25-2009
Organissimo w Paul Brewer 05-12-2009
James Dapogny's Chicago Jazz Band Live From Blue Lake 04-27-2009
Adam Rudolph and Ralph Jones Live From Blue Lake 04-12-2009
Phil Ogilvie's Rhythm Kings Live From Blue Lake 06-19-2008
Geri Allen Live From Blue Lake March 2008 03-21-2008
James Ilgenfritz and Jason Stein Live From Blue Lake 08-06-2007
Western Jazz Quartet with Steve Zegree 03-21-2007
Phil DeGregg Trio Con Brio at The Gould's 02-09-2007
Henry Grimes and Roy Campbell 11-29-2006
Cuong Vu Trio on Jazz From Blue Lake 02-15-2006
Organissimo w Arno Marsh and Dan Jacobs 07-11-2005
Henry Grimes and Marshall Allen 03-08-2005
Kalaparush and The Light 03-03-2005
Angelica Sanchez Tony Malaby Tom Rainey Trio 03-21-2004
Gene Bertoncini and Frank Vignola at The Gould's 10-01-2003
What We Live on Jazz From Blue Lake 06-23-2003
John Taylor and Kirk MacDonald at GVSU 03-14-2003
Avram Fefer and Bobby Few on Jazz From Blue Lake 04-12-2002
Organissimo w Joe Gloss 01-29-2002
Gerry Hemingway and John Butcher on Jazz From Blue Lake 12-02-2001
Open Loose w Mark Helias on Jazz From Blue Lake 10-30-2001
John Hart Quartet July 17 2001 07-17-2001
Louis Smith Quartet Aug 5 1995 08-05-1995
Arno Marsh Quartet Oct 6 1983 10-06-1983