Blue Lake 2019
Name Air Date
Festival Orchestra with Salvador Brotons 08-17-2019
Staff Band with Flickinger and Brotons 08-16-2019
Bonnie chats with Salvador Brotons 08-15-2019
Festival Band and Falcone Soloist 08-11-2019
Festival Orchestra with Walter Verdehr 08-03-2019
Staff Band with Rodney Dorsey 08-01-2019
Festival Band with Rodney Dorsey 07-28-2019
Festival Orchesta with Raphael Jimenez 07-20-2019
Staff Band with Rick Fleming 07-18-2019
Festival Band with Myron Welch 07-14-2019
Mystery Thriller Theater 07-14-2019
Festival Orchestra with Alex Jimenez 07-06-2019
Staff Band with Rebecca Phillips 07-05-2019
Bonnie speaks with Alex Jimenez, director of the Festival Orchestra 07-03-2019
Festival Band with Rebecca Phillips 06-30-2019
Bonnie speaks with Rebecca Phillips, director of the Festival Band 06-27-2019
Daily Shows
Name Air Date
Jazz From Blue Lake Part 1 10-11-2019
Jazz From Blue Lake Part 2 10-11-2019
Jazz From Blue Lake Part 3 10-11-2019
Jazz From Blue Lake Part 4 10-11-2019
Jazz From Blue Lake Part 5 10-11-2019
Jazz Datebook 10-04-2019
Name Air Date
Lazaro speaks with Dave Jellema part 1 10-06-2019
Lazaro speaks with Dave Jellema part 2 10-06-2019
Lazaro speaks with Fred Hersch 09-24-2019Jazz From Blue Lake
James Carter for Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp 09-14-2019
Foley speaks with Roger Rapoport, Producer and Co Screenwriter of Coming up for Air 09-12-2019
Bonnie talks with Marcelo Leninger about first GRS Classical Concert 09-11-2019
Grand Rapids Symphony Season Preview 09-08-2019
Foley speaks with Actor, Singer Songwriter and Storyteller Ronny Cox 09-06-2019
Bonnie speaks with Mary Tuuk President GRS 08-30-2019
Bonnie talks with Marcelo Leninger about the GR Symphony concert in Petosky 07-17-2019
Bonnie talks with Marcelo Leninger about the GR Symphony concert at Blue Lake July 13 06-19-2019
Foley speaks with pianist Natasha Paremski and WMS Music Director Scott Speck 06-06-2019
Bonnie speaks with Marcelo Leninger about Chopin and Brahms concert 05-14-2019
Foley speaks with guitarist Sharon Isbin and West Michigan Symphony Music Director Scott Speck 05-09-2019
Foley speaks with violinist Cho Liang Lin of the Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center 04-24-2019
Foley speaks with James Sofranko, Artistic Director of the Grand Rapids Ballet Company 04-03-2019
Foley speaks with German Literature Professor, Holocaust Survivor and 'Ritchie Boy,' Guy Stern 03-21-2019
Bonnie talks with Julian Wachner of the GR Bach Fest 03-15-2019
Steve welcomes Scott Speck and guests for the W MI Symphony's Classic Broadway concert 03-14-2019
Bonnie talks with Tina Brechtvold, historian of the Vienna Boys Choir 03-06-2019
Foley speaks with poet Linda Nemec Foster about her 2019 Michigan Notable Book, The Lake Michigan Mermaid 03-05-2019
Lazaro speaks to GayeLynn McKinney about McKinFolk in GR 02-14-2019
An audio tour of the Howmet Playhouse renovation 01-20-2019
Bonnie talks with Win Irwin about Opera Unlimited 01-17-2019
Lazaro speaks with Joey DeFrancesco 01-09-2019
Katherine Mayberry talks about Taming of the Shrew on June 1 2019
Bonnie talks with Dale Nesbary and Kirk Hallman about MMA Sons exhibition 12-19-2018
Steve talks with Mark Webb about CCGR Sounds of Christmas concerts 11-23-2018
Bonnie and Marcelo Leninger discuss GRS concert of Nov 16 and 17 11-16-2018
Foley Schuler speaks with Annette Jurcevic, Music Director of the Shoreline Symphony 11-12-2018
Foley speaks with violist Paul Neubauer 11-11-2018
Foley speaks with author Mitch Albom 11-09-2018
Foley speaks with Gilmore Keyboard Festival Executive Director Pierre Van Der Westhuizen 11-08-2018
Bonnie speaks with Neary and Bosscher about GRCMB concert 10-25-2018
Lazaro speaks with pianist Kenny Barron 10-22-2018
Bonnie talks with Elliot Wuu about his concert at CLCFA in Petosky 10-16-2018
Lazaro speaks with Gail Brechting about West MI Concert Winds 10-16-2018
Steve talks with Kirk Hallman of the MMA about the Julian Labro concert of Oct27 10-16-2018
Lazaro speaks with Julien Labro about The Chanson Experiment in Muskegon and Grand Rapids 10-15-2018
Foley Schuler speaks with Pulitzer Prize winning cartoonist Garry Trudeau 10-12-2018
Bonnie and Marcelo Leninger discuss GRS Great Eras Concert of Oct12 10-10-2018
Lazaro speaks with Monty Alexander 10-08-2018
Bonnie speaks with Marcelo Leninger about GRS Concerts Oct 5 and 6 10-02-2018
Foley Schuler speaks with Sheila Wahamaki about the 2018 Muskegon Area Arts and Humanities Festival 10-01-2018
Bonnie talks with the GVSU Shakespeare Festival 09-24-2018
Bonnie visits with Win Irwin of Opera GR 09-12-2018
Bonnie speaks with Matt Albert of the Great Lakes Ctr for the Arts 08-24-2018
Lazaro speaks with Julius Shultz about The Shoreline Jazz Festival 08-23-2018
Bonnie speaks with Erin Schmitz of the Lakeshore Museum Center 08-22-2018
Foley Schuler speaks with Pigeon Creek Shakespeare about Henry V at The Rose Theater 08-20-2018
Lazaro speaks with Euge Groove about GrandJazzFest 08-05-2018
Foley speaks with Kirk Hallman, Executive Director of the Muskegon Museum of Art 08-03-2018
Steve speaks with Ricky Levine of the Holland Museum 06-22-2018
Lazaro speaks with John Pizzarelli 05-10-2018
Foley speaks with Leon Fleisher (Conversation Only) 05-06-2018
Foley speaks with Leon Fleisher (Full Version with Intro and Music) 05-06-2018
Bonnie talks with Annoesjka Soler of the Lakeshore Museum Center 05-01-2018
Bonnie talks with Marcelo Leninger about the GRS concert of Chopin and Dvorak 04-25-2018
Foley speaks with violinist Ida Kavafian 04-18-2018
Foley speaks with child Holocaust survivor Edith Maniker 04-16-2018
Marcelo Lehninger Carnegie Preview 04-11-2018
Bonnie talks with Guinand and Armstrong about Calvin Chorale Concert 04-05-2018
Lazaro speaks with pianist Burton Greene about April concerts 03-29-2018
Lazaro speaks with jazz vocalist Kurt Ellling 03-15-2018
Bonnie talks with John Varineau about the GRS Concert in Fremont 03-13-2018
Foley speaks with cellist Alexey Stadler, and Andy Buelow of the West Michigan Symphony 03-01-2018
Bonnie talks with pianist Richard Dowling 02-27-2018
Foley speaks with director, screenwriter and film critic, Paul Schrader 02-18-2018
Lazaro speaks with John Proulx 02-14-2018
Foley speaks with Pigeon Creek about The Knight of the Burning Pestle 02-06-2018
Foley speaks with Glen Peterson 01-23-2018
Foley speaks with Wu Han of the Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center 01-17-2018
Bonnie talks with Libor Ondras about the Kent Philharmonic Holiday Concert 12-05-2017
Foley speaks with Andy Buelow of the West MI Symphony 11-30-2017
Steve talks with Al Exoo of Grand River Folk Arts Society 11-18-2017
Foley speaks with composer Floyd Farrmer about their collaboration on the opera Panov's Dream 11-14-2017
Lazaro speaks to Christian McBride 11-10-2017
Bonnie talks with GRS Associate Conductor John Varineau 11-08-2017
Lazaro speaks to Dafnis Prieto 11-08-2017
Steve talks with Garry Clarke about GR Symphony Baroque Concert 10-19-2017
Steve talks with Michael Erickson of GR Ballet 10-17-2017
Bonnie talks with GRS Guest Conductor Rune Bergman 10-06-2017
Foley talks with Wes ODonnell of the USS Silversides Museum 09-21-2017
Bonnie talks with Sarah Chang 09-15-2017
Foley speaks with Katherine Mayberry, of Pigeon Creek Shakespeare Company 08-22-2017
Lazaro speaks with Jeff Lorber SHORELINE JAZZ FESTIVAL PREVIEW 08-15-2017
Isaac Norris GRAND JAZZ FEST PREVIEW 08-09-2017
Foley speaks with Ricki Levine, Managing Director of the Frauenthal Center 06-22-2017
Foley speaks with pianist Olga Kern and West Michigan Symphony Music Director Scott Speck 05-18-2017
Lazaro speaks with Edward Simon about SF Jazz 04-25-2017
Lazaro speaks with Adam Rudolph about Karuna 04-14-2017
Bonnie interviews JoAnne Falletta 03-23-2017
Morten Lauridsen speaks with Bonnie 03-09-2017
Foley speaks with Dan Gustin, Executive Director of the Gilmore International Keyboard Festival 03-05-2017
Marcelo Lehninger previews the new GR Symphony Season 02-15-2017
Lazaro speaks to Dave Douglas 02-14-2017
Lazaro speaks with Lala Hathaway 02-13-2017
Foley speaks with author Mary Karr (conversation only) 02-05-2017
Foley speaks with author Mary Karr (full version with introduction) 02-05-2017
Bonnie talks with GRS Music Director Leninger about Feb Concerts 02-03-2017
Foley speaks with West Michigan Symphony's Scott Speck and Kelly Karamanov 02-02-2017
Foley speaks with West Michigan Symphony Scott Speck, Tim Fain and Randy Woolf 01-12-2017
Bonnie talks with Marcelo Lehninger about GRS Great Eras concert 01-05-2017
West Michigan Symphony's Classical Christmas Concert 12-15-2016
Lazaro speaks with Dave Brubeck 12-06-2016
Bonnie talks with David Lockington 11-17-2016
Bonnie talks with Claire VanBrandeghen of the GR Symphony 11-03-2016
Foley speaks with Ed Clifford of the GR Art Museum 11-02-2016
Lazaro speaks with Wadada Leo Smith 10-19-2016
Bonnie welcomes GRS Music Director Marcelo Lehninger 10-10-2016
Lazaro speaks with Dave Holland on Aziza at Wharton Center 10-10-2016
Foley speaks with author Dennis Lehane 10-02-2016
Lazaro speaks with Randy Brecker 09-23-2016
Foley remembers Jim Harrison 04-03-2016
Lazaro speaks with Ornette Coleman and Howard Shore 03-01-1992
Foley speaks with pianist Wu Han, Co 0
Bonnie talks with Peggy Maniates of the USS Silversides Sub Museum
Bonnie visits with Katherine Mayberry about the Aug24 Pigeon Creek event
Studio Performances
Name Air Date
Karuna live on Jazz From Blue Lake 09-30-2019
In the Sea with Tristan Honsinger on Jazz From Blue Lake 05-06-2019
The Chicago Plan on Jazz From Blue Lake 05-03-2019
Steve Talaga live on Jazz From Blue Lake 03-15-2019
Travis Swanson Trio on Jazz From Blue Lake 01-21-2019
The Bridge Out on Blue Lake 11-21-2018
Teiku reframes Jewish melodies 10-11-2018
Lakeshore Rush 06-23-2018
Alexander Harding and Lucian Ban as Somethin' Holy on Jazz From Blue Lake 04-18-2018
Josh Harlow Peter Formank Duo on Jazz From Blue Lake 03-29-2018
Starry Night Octet on Jazz From Blue Lake 02-18-2018
Rob Clearfield solo piano Jazz From Blue Lake 02-01-2018
Blushing Monk on Jazz From Blue Lake 01-03-2018
Peat In the Creel on A MI Saturday Night 12-01-2017
Bonnie welcomes West MI duo Folias into the studio 11-17-2017
Frode Gjerstad Trio with Steve Swell on Jazz From Blue Lake 09-18-2017
F Plus 09-13-2017
Third Coast Gipsy Jazz Trio on Jazz From Blue Lake 06-06-2017
Calabogie Road on A Michigan Saturday Night 05-20-2017
Naked Dance on Jazz From Blue Lake 04-30-2017
Steve Talaga and Dan Giacobassi Suite For Flute and Jazz Piano 04-09-2017
Randy Napoleon Trio at LaFontsee Gallery 03-26-2017
Sam Pilnick Project on Jazz From Blue Lake 02-17-2017
The FAN Club on A MI Satuday Night 02-11-2017
The Smokin' Dobroleles on A MI Saturday Night 01-21-2017
CONFERENCE CALL on Jazz From Blue Lake 11-02-2016
Rob Clearfield Trio on Jazz From Blue Lake 06-25-2016
Talking Ear On Jazz From Blue Lake 05-06-2016
Brad Fritcher's MOODS on Jazz From Blue Lake 02-13-2016
Patrick Brennen solo saxophone on Jazz From Blue Lake 12-16-2015
Diana Vandewater and Mark Kahny on Jazz From Blue Lake 05-19-2014
John Shea and Warren Jones on Jazz From Blue Lake 04-17-2014
Checkers Morton on Jazz From Blue Lake 05-11-2013
Tom Dempsey and Tim Ferguson on Jazz From Blue Lake 11-30-2009
Brad Shepik on Jazz From Blue Lake 10-16-2009
Hot Club of Detroit Live From Blue Lake 05-25-2009
Organissimo w Paul Brewer 05-12-2009
James Dapogny's Chicago Jazz Band Live From Blue Lake 04-27-2009
Adam Rudolph and Ralph Jones Live From Blue Lake 04-12-2009
Phil Ogilvie's Rhythm Kings Live From Blue Lake 06-19-2008
Geri Allen Live From Blue Lake March 2008 03-21-2008
James Ilgenfritz and Jason Stein Live From Blue Lake 08-06-2007
Western Jazz Quartet with Steve Zegree 03-21-2007
Cuong Vu Trio on Jazz From Blue Lake 02-15-2006
Organissimo w Arno Marsh and Dan Jacobs 07-11-2005
Kalaparush and The Light 03-03-2005
Angelica Sanchez Tony Malaby Tom Rainey Trio 03-21-2004
Gene Bertoncini and Frank Vignola at The Gould's 10-01-2003
What We Live on Jazz From Blue Lake 06-23-2003
John Taylor and Kirk MacDonald at GVSU 03-14-2003
Avram Fefer and Bobby Few on Jazz From Blue Lake 04-12-2002
Organissimo w Joe Gloss 01-29-2002
Gerry Hemingway and John Butcher on Jazz From Blue Lake 12-02-2001
Open Loose w Mark Helias on Jazz From Blue Lake 10-30-2001
John Hart Quartet July 17 2001 07-17-2001